Ryan Pamplin Ryan Pamplin

Ryan Pamplin

CEO & Co-Founder


Ryan is an excited entrepreneur, award winning creative, and technologist. He’s given keynotes alongside tech and business leaders including Steve Wozniak and Bob Iger.

He produced a Super Bowl commercial and was nominated for an EMMY. He started a creative agency that made TV and digital video ads for dozens of Fortune 500 brands.

Ryan co-founded BrandAds, the first software for measuring video ads online. It was acquired by Extreme Reach. It's now used to distribute 9 out of 10 TV ads and most digital video ads. Also, it pays actors over $1B annually in royalties.

He was also a pioneer and thought-leader in the emerging field of augmented reality.

At a high point in his life and career, Ryan had a traumatic brain injury that left him unable to function for months, and put him on medical leave for a year.

During recovery, Ryan used smoothies and protein shakes to get healthy. He became inspired to use his entrepreneurial abilities to help other people live richer and longer lives through improved health.

Ryan has been seen on Bloomberg, WSJ, CNBC, FOX News, and more.