Brian Zuk Brian Zuk

Brian Zuk

VP of Operations

VP of Operations

Brian is an operations wizard who manages our product development process and the manufacturing of BlendJet portable blenders and JetPack Ready-to-Blend smoothies.

Early on, he took our concept of a portable blender and went on an exhaustive search around the globe to find the best manufacturing partners to bring our vision to life.

Brian also oversaw the build out of our headquarters and scaled our internal fulfillment operations to handle 10,000s of orders per day.

He has a BS & MBA from the School of Economics & Business Administration at Saint Mary’s College of California. Brian also studied graduate international business at Peking University in Beijing, China.

Brian created one of the most popular car channels on YouTube, “BrianZuk”. Began filming exotic cars a decade ago, amassing 200 million video views across 1,600 videos, and 3.5 million followers on social.