What you choose to eat or drink before and after a workout can catapult your fitness to new levels and help refine the shape of your body. Certain superfoods replenish your energy, boost your body’s results, beat bloat and can create a healthy habit long-term.

If you’ve ever finished a sweat session and felt intense hunger, that’s your tired muscles crying out for fuel. Most people immediately head for the smoothie bar after the gym because it’s convenient and healthy. Smoothies are a quick way to get key nutrients that may be lacking in your diet and maximize your body’s recovery. You get to drink everything you need — protein, healthy fats and fruits — in one gulp, on the go. It’s easily digested and delicious.

But did you know that the protein-packed shake you order from a juice bar can be packed with more sugar and calories than you’d expect? It’s a lot healthier to make your own pre- and post-workout smoothies so you can control portions, limit sugars from sweeteners (for example, honey) and curb high-fat additions like nut butters and avocados.

Our top three easy post-workout smoothie recipes are full of flavor, not sugar, and contain protein your body craves to help repair and rebuild your muscles after the gym:

Pre-Workout Smoothie

Purple BlendJet on counter with granola and blueberries

Post-Workout Smoothie

Red BlendJet on a table with caramel strawberries flour and bananas

Anytime Fitness Booster Smoothie

Green BlendJet in front of treadmills

Why wait until you get home to enjoy a delicious fitness smoothie? BlendJet is designed to go everywhere so you can enjoy easy after-workout smoothies anytime. Carrying our portable, cordless blender with you to the gym can help you achieve even the most challenging fitness goals a lot quicker. Keep it in your gym bag and reach for it when hunger happens.

Add any of our JetPack smoothie mixes to cold water to create a delicious, healthy smoothie anywhere. Or add yogurt, fresh fruit, almond milk, protein powder and fresh greens like kale or spinach to boost antioxidant and fiber intake. These will bulk up your smoothie and make you feel fuller longer.

What easy post-workout smoothie is your favorite? Do you have a recipe of your own to share? Let us know!